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Quality business relations — the quality of "Ugprom"

Using our site, you can always order all kind of graphite products: graphite electrodes, graphite crucibles and ferroalloy production: ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, ferrophos, ferrosilicomanganese.

Ltd. "Ugprom" - grathite products, grathite crucibles, graphite electrodes, tile lining, ferroalloy products and carbonaceous materials.

Our company is presented in the market of carbon and graphite production since 2002. We have accumulated extensive experience in this field for the past period, allowing to carry out different supplies of carbon and graphite products and production of ferroalloy in all regions of the country. When our company introduces, the view of the main consumers to the fact that such graphite products has radically changed. The production which is being supplied by our company are manufactured according to the compliance with all requirements of the process.

We offer to supply graphite products and ferroalloy production which are represented in a wide range of: graphite electrodes, graphite brushes, graphite crucibles, graphite substrate, graphite vanes, acid-resistant tiles lining the ATM-1, ferrosilicon FeSi-45, ferrosilicomanganese FeMnSi-18, ferromanganese FeMn-78 , ferrophos FeP 20-6 and many others. The long-term experience being gained by all specialists of our company in the field of centralized supplying with the chemical, metallurgical, machine-building industries which is allowed to speak about the highest quality of our products and the professionalism of business services which are provided by our company. Understanding the structure of production processes and production needs allow us to guarantee the highest quality which our graphite products posses(graphite rods, graphite electrodes, graphite brushes ...). We also offer the rigid adherence of contractual obligations, the exact time and amount of supply, acceptable price level and an effective loyal program.

Nowadays, "Ugprom" is the largest provider of Graphite and ferroalloy production in the Southern Federal District. We are the company which is known as a reliable partner for a very long time, answering fully and successfully to the needs of leading domestic energy enterprises in all regions of Russia.

One of the priorities of our company "Ugprom" is an integrated approach in solving any tasks. This view of cooperation helps us and our clients to develop optimal charts of cooperation and mutual settlement. Before a contract we can offer our customers competent technical advice which allow you to make the best choice in products of a desired range (graphite electrodes, graphite brush, graphite bushings, ferrosilicon FeSi-45, ferrosilicomanganese FeMnSi -18, ferromanganese FeMn -78, ferrophos FeP 20 -6 etc.) according to the physical, technical and techno-economic needs of a specific production.

The unique properties of products made of graphite (graphite electrodes, graphite crucibles, etc.) supplying by our company according to the technological process, can significantly affect on the technical and economic indicators and reduce costs in those industries where these products are used.

Also, Ltd. "Ugprom" carries out inter-regional trucking in Russian Federation, our company has own Cargo vehicles. We offer an acceptable price level and an individual approach each client. Our experienced and courteous managers are responsible for quickly response to all your questions about freight, help with the choice of transport. Professional drivers with a huge experience and knowledge of routes, quickly deliver your cargo to the proper destination.



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