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Ferrophos FeP 20-6, TU 659 RK 05789469-05-95

Ferrophos is an alloy in which there are main components - iron and phosphorus (2-25% P). Ferrophos is smelted in a blast furnace, through the restoration of apatite or rock phosphate in the presence of iron ore or chips, or is obtained as a byproduct ferrophos with electrothermal production of yellow phosphorus.

Ferrophos is applied in the smelting of structural steel and cast iron.

Ferrophos (chemical structure), TU 659 RK 05789469-05-95
markMass fraction, %
FeP 25-125,06,01,00,30,3-2,20,2-0,40,03-0,5
FeP 25-225,07,92,00,30,3-2,20,2-0,40,03-0,5
FeP 20-620,07,96,00,30,3-2,20,2-0,40,03-0,5
FeP 15-1515,07,96,0-15,00,30,3-2,20,2-0,40,03-0,5

Ferrophosphorus surface and break pieces should not have a sharply expressed inclusions of slag, sand and other foreign materials.

The lots of Ferrophos shipments must consist of one or more batches of one brand and drawn one quality document.

The deviation, according to the phosphorus, contents between different batches batch shall not exceed 2,0%.

Ferrophos is delivered in crushed form. The mass of the individual pieces must not exceed 15kg. The content of fines passing through a sieve with holes 20x20mm, should not exceed 20% of the mass supplied batch. The shipment of ferrophosphorus these marks as possible from the factory and warehouse Ltd. "Ugpromenergo" in Volgograd.


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