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Quality business relations — the quality of "Ugprom"
Transportation and logistic services

Our company operates in the freight market since 2010. For a short time of working, we were able to establish itself in the direction of our activity as a reliable and diligent carrier. Nowadays our partners have a lot of Russian large network of companies, businesses and organizations of different ownership forms, as well as individuals who appreciate our company's quality in business relationships, reliability and stability above all. Trusting the trucking company ""Ugpromenergo" You get a partner in the reliability in which You can be absolutely assured.

Ltd. "Ugpromenergo is specialized in cargo transportation in all regions of our country. The main operations of our company is eurotrucks which we are able to carry about 20 tons of cargo at one time.

We always conscientiously and responsibly approach to fulfilling our obligations and guarantees that the price of transportation, written in the conclusion of the application will always be competitive, and delivery of cargo to be accurate and fast.

One of the major aims of our company is building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.


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